Angular + React = Speed by Dave Smith at ng-conf 2015

Today I would like to share my thoughts(or takeaways to be more precise) on Dave Smith’s presentation talk about “Angular + React = Speed” given at ng-conf 2015. Very insightful presentation using a demo app showing a performance comparison of Angular 1.3  vs Angular 1.3 + React along with nested ng-repeat rendering. I liked it very much. There are so many great things that one can take from this presentation. Dave also shows an optimized Angular 2 implementation of the sample app towards the end of his presentation. There is a now a new ending correcting an oversight Dave made in his live presentation so make sure to watch right to the end. I also liked how Dave started off his presentation with receiving a call from his grandma over the phone. The conversation was quite hilarious!

Here are my big takeaways:

  • Angular 2 is Really fast(like Angular 1.3 + React fast or may be better). It has significant performance improvements over Angular 1.3. That’s big achievement anyway… Remember, performance and benchmarking are really hard to achieve. Angular 2 looks very promising.
  • ReactJS introduction in 30 secs… Simply Awesome!. I have read many blogs and seen conference videos (including ReactJS official doc) but Dave’s was by far the best(and succinct) description of how React works behind the scene. Don’t miss that.
  • Angular plays well with others.
  • Speed should not be the only reason why we should use Angular + React combination.
  • As for the oversight/mistake goes, I completely agree with what Igor Minar (Software Engineer at Google and Lead of the AngularJS team) said: “People make mistake. Only some admit it. And even fewer do something to fix it.“. Not only did Dave admitted it publicly but also corrected it by showing an accurate comparison between Angular 1.3 + React and Angular 2. That’s the spirit… Your contribution to the community is great. Thank you so much Dave… Appreciate it!

Watch this awesome demo. Enjoy!! Can’t wait to try Angular 2.

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