The Architecture of StackOverflow (Update July 21, 2014)

Ever wondered what it takes to run the StackOverflow?

This update is based on The architecture of StackOverflow (video) by Marco Cecconi (Software Engineer at Stack Exchange) and What it takes to run Stack Overflow (post) by Nick Craver (StackOverflow SysAdmin). In addition, author has merged in comments from various sources. No doubt some of the details are out of date as I meant to write this article a while ago, but it should still be representative.

I know its kinda TL;DR but I would highly recommend every developer to take some time out and read the newer updated version by HighScalability along with the Marco Cecconi’s video. I have learned a lot of information how Stack Overflow works on behind. This was an amazing crash course on scaling infrastructure and performance.

So fasten your belt get ready for the takeoff to StackOverflow space station to explore The Architecture of StackOverflow (Updated on July 21, 2014).

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