My First Ruby Gem: CarrierWave-Crop

This blog post serves the announcement of my very first Ruby Gem development. I will also write my journey in the making of this Ruby gem.

I have been developing Ruby on Rails applications since Jan. 2013. The more I used it, the more amazed I became as to its ease of use and the speed at which I was able to advance in my learning process. I love Ruby and the Rails MVC framework. Ruby on Rails has become one of the most popular web application frameworks because of how easy it is to build web apps and how rapidly it promotes the construction of sites with full functionality. One of the best things about Ruby on Rails is its hugely active and dedicated community which always supports and promotes it with their contributions. Another important thing, is the vast collection of packaged libraries called gems (just like plug-ins) which helps in extending its functionality. With the power of Bundler, one can quickly add and manage gems in few lines of code.

I always wanted to build my own Ruby gem right from beginning of my entry in the Ruby on Rails world!. There were two reasons for this, one the curiosity behind the mystery called gems (of course mine only) and secondly, to give back something to the awesome Ruby and Rails community, in the best way I can. At first, building your own Ruby gem always feels like a daunting task but it’s not actually that bad at all once you know the proper steps. With the help of and Bundler, the process of creating, releasing, and implementing gems is just a piece of cake. I am very thankful to the Ruby and Rails community and a shout-out for users who have dowloaded (and/ or contributed) to my gem.


This Ruby gem is a CarrierWave extension to crop uploaded images using Jcrop plugin and it also provides the facility of previewing the images.

[To Be Continued…]

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